2 Months to go

Only two months to go and I cannot wait! I get more excited every day, not just for our wedding that is going to happen in 60 days, but about the journey that will begin after that. This past week has been a flurry of wedding and post-wedding related activities so this said excitement has just grown tremendously. Such activities included my mom and I successfully beginning my wedding dress alterations, purchasing fabric for my veil, and buying the mother of the bride dress. This weekend also consisted of finishing the invitations and a bridal shower by Conner’s Aunts. Pictured below are my sweet sister, mom, and mama, along with Conner’s extended family. Love them all and how excited they are to welcome me into the Volpe clan.

Beyond wedding tasks, Conner and I have been working to prepare for our post-wedding lives. We got the keys to our house a week ago and have been anxious to move things over, share our home with our friends and family, explore what our new home has to offer, and overall get settled in to our new abode. For the past week we have had camping chairs as our furniture in the living room. My mom assured me that this is the newlywed-way 🙂

Beyond setting up the house and finalizing the invitations, we are taking care of the remainder of our 2 month mark checklist. Having a year to plan this shindig has been a blessing because we were able to get all of the preliminary stuff out of the way. Now it is just following up with our wonderful friends, family, and vendors who have agreed to help with our special day, picking up our rings and marriage license, finish our pre-marital mentoring, and pulling together a few surprises for our guests. More to come on what is accomplished later, but for now, my potpourri post will have to tie you over for the two month mark. Thanks for following our journey to the alter!

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