101 in 1001:May/June Update

Summer time is very busy for me, this summer in particular.  Between planning our wedding and it being conference season at my work, it has been busy! Due to these things, I owe my lack of May update so I will combine it with a few of the things that have happened throughout May and June.

#6 Lunch date with mom: My mom and I had a great time getting together for a day of wedding related activities. We had a great lunch at a local pizza place near Georgia Tech. The food there never disappoints! I guess you can say it was a power lunch because we spent the time making a list of all the errands needing to be run during the afternoon in order for me to check some items off my wedding to-do list. It was a great lunch and fun day!

#12 Girls Night: I love those adult paint-by-number studios where you come away from a girls night with a new painting for your wall. Sometimes coordinating a girls night is difficult due to scheduling conflicts and choosing a picture that everyone likes. We chose to take one of the paintings and paint it on our own girls-night-in. It was a lot of fun and allowed us to be very creative with our paintings. Sorry for the lack of pictures on this one.

Things in progress…

We are still working through our pre-marital mentoring sessions. We have really learned a lot about married life and how to be a better couple. The sessions have been challenging but well worth the investment of time. Also in progress is my book for this summer, “The Help”. The book is quiet large and doesn’t fit in my purse very well so I keep leaving it at home, thus why it has taken so long to read. The book is good so far and provides a really great perspective of how the maids felt in Mississippi years ago. I am excited to see the movie in August when it comes out. I need to finish this book though because I already found the next book I want to read, The Island.
That’s a wrap for May/mid June.

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