89 Days and Counting

I’ll tell you what…Things have been slightly busy around these parts the last few weeks, but not because of what you would expect. Naturally, this whole wedding blog/journal has been about documenting the wedding planning process, so you would expect this post to be about just that. Well we have been absent the last few weeks because things have gotten crazy in our regular daily activities. The reason for this is because Conner has been busy with finals and we have a ton of family and friends that are graduating or getting married so our time has been consumed with celebrating with them. On top of all of this there have been birthdays and holidays sprinkled amongst the mix. Most of all, summer time does not mean relaxation and sand between my toes in my world. It actually means putting my nose to the grindstone as it is busy season for me at work. We knew this when we first started our wedding planning so we knocked many of the big things out of the way in the beginning. Even though we have been busy, the following things have been accomplished/worked on over the past few weeks:

1)      The invitations are here! Now to put them together

2)      Our Pre-marital mentoring sessions have begun! The couple we are paired with are super sweet and are really encouraging us in keeping God in the foundation of our marriage. Fun fact about the couple we are mentoring with…they live in the same neighborhood that The Killer’s was filmed in. We found this out and immediately became very excited because we love seeing/being places that we recognize in the movies, especially since Georgia is becoming a film destination.

3)      I have figured out who is doing my wedding-day hair…now to decide on a style. Suggestions?

4)      The pennies have been rolled and I bought my shoes. I will post a picture later.

5)      We scheduled our rehearsal dinner tasting

6)      We are in the midst of finalizing our ceremony order. We read through and selected our vows so that was pretty exciting to see it all coming together.

7)      The menu cards are designed. Saving the printing until July.

Upcoming roadmap items to be accomplished before the end of May:

1)      Our wedding bands have arrived, so now we need to go pick them up.

2)      Pick up stamps

3)      Finalize Rehearsal dinner transportation

4)       Begin Alterations

5)      Shop for Bridal Accessories…AKA Veil or no veil…that is the question.

6)      Design programs for ceremony

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