101 in 1001: April Update

April was busy in terms of marking items off my 101 in 1001 to-do list. I marked off another book of my #72 task. The book I read was the first book in the Nora Roberts Bridal Series. I also completed task #75 of visiting 10 new restaurants. One of my favorite 101 in 1001 items was meeting fellow tweeps, or #93. I had the pleasure of meeting up with my twitter friend and fellow Alpha Chi, Amy. We had a great lunch at the Big Chow Grill and you can check out the full recap here.

Also during April we started our pre-marital counseling/mentoring sessions. We are paired with a sweet couple from our church that are helping us create a foundation of Godly principles for our marriage. The program is 8 weeks long and include fundamentals such as communication, financing, love languages, and trust. We are excited to memorize a few bible versus that will serve as the foundation for our marriage.

Finally, for April, I have made a better effort to blog daily for 30 consecutive days (#95). I am almost there, and should complete this goal in May. Speaking of…that leads me to my May goals:

51.   Do five random acts of kindness.

60.   Purge and donate old clothes from closets

69.   Go on a picnic with Conner

95.   Blog daily for 30 consecutive days

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