Pennies from Heaven

I can’t help but to sing this little song when I type the title of this post. Pennies are a bit of a German tradition. Let me explain. Hochzeit-Schuhe, or wedding shoes, is a German tradition where pennies are collected and saved for the daughters wedding shoes. The deal is you are supposed to buy your wedding shoes with pennies. The pennies represent that the marriage “gets off” on the right foot. Growing up we were told about this tradition, especially since my mother bought her shoes in pennies too. A few weekends ago, Conner and I decided to roll the pennies we had been saving, thinking it would amount to at least $20.00. Sadly it only added to $4.00 worth of pennies. Needless to say it was very comical! I called my mother in a tizzy, but of course she had a plan. Little did I know my family had been saving pennies since the day we got engaged. My mom surprised Conner and me with the buckets of pennies this week to go purchase my wedding shoes! Exciting, especially since I did some shopping a few weekends ago and found the shoes that would be just perfect. You can see how happy we were to receive such a special and sentimental gift from my family. More to come once the shoes are bought this weekend, and the commotion that I am sure will happen at the register when the cashier realizes I am going to pay in pennies.

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4 Responses to Pennies from Heaven

  1. Mallory Nonnemaker says:

    We wore pennies in our shoes that Brandon’s grandparents and parents wore when they got married. It isn’t the same but it is close. Kind of neat, too!

  2. Mariah says:

    My mother is German, and I’ve been saving pennies since I was little – we have 8 pickle jars full in my dad’s house. Now that I’m engaged, I’m looking forward to counting them all and going shoe shopping 🙂 By doing some math (how many cubic inches is a penny, how many cubic inches are in a quart), we guess there’s about $150 there!

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