Food for Thought

Yesterday we were joined by our mother’s for our tasting! We had a lot of fun picking out how the napkins will be folded, what the centerpieces will look like, and how the one-of-a-kind table runners will look.  It may seem a little early but we had to go ahead and taste the options so that we could include them on the invitations. Here is a sampling of what we will be having on our special day.

The horseradish sauce in the middle was very good! From the left, clockwise, you have Roasted Salmon, Prime Rib, Chicken Mushroom Blue, and Forest Mushroom Strudel.

We sampled multiple salads and entrees to decide which ones were perfect for all of our guests. A few changes were made and we think there will be something for everyone to eat. Everyone keeps telling me we won’t get to eat any at the reception, which I hope is not the case because this meal is going to be fantastic!

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