Honeymoon Essentials

We have been doing a lot of traveling recently and it has gotten me really excited about the upcoming honeymoon.

Not that I am wishing away the event of the wedding and marriage, but I am very excited for a week’s vacation in August. It doesn’t help that I logged onto my Delta account to view upcoming trips and is stated that in 132 days I will be laying on a beach with my husband by my side. For this reason, I am dreaming of my honeymoon essentials (What can I say, I am a planner!). I have assembled a little inspiration board for you that include the fundamentals for the first week of newlywed bliss:

1. Sunglasses:: A stylish pair of sunglasses from Target fits the post-wedding budget, so I plan on indulging myself!

2. Canvas tote:: I am an old fashion girl when it comes to last names. I am excited to take the last name of my husband-to-be. I also love monogramming. What better way to show off my new married status than with a Land’s End Canvas Tote monogrammed with my new initials?

3. Aloe Vera:: Maybe it is my Girl Scout training that is coming in to play here, but I think Aloe Vera is an essential to any tropical getaway. I packed this same essential a few weeks ago for a beach trip and it came in handy for my sweet fiancé. I am sure one or both of us will end up burnt at some point during the honeymoon and want to avoid any sour moods with this sun burn remedy.

4. Bathing Suits:: A bathing suit is a must for a tropical honeymoon getaway. I love this one-piece from Old Navy. The polka dots and hot pink are flirty, but also flattering.

5. Passport:: If you are traveling anywhere tropical, then a passport is a must. The process of getting one was pretty easy and only took about an hour to complete. You fill out the paperwork online and set-up an appointment at your local passport location (typically a post office). You must then go to your appointment to pay for the passport and have your picture made. The turnaround was pretty quick, about 4 weeks.

What key items am I leaving off from this list??

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