DIY Elements for the Big Day

A few weekends ago I picked up the fabric for our table runners. The bolt of fabric has just been sitting in a corner so I figured it was time to transform it into table runners. Luckily I had a ninja assisting me with this craft project.

Honestly, this DIY action items was super simple. They were no sew, just a bunch of ironing and cutting. Luckily I had my ironing ninja and MOH to help me with this project. For most of the DIY projects that I have successfully attempted, I used an assembly-line style method to make the project easier. The table runners formed to the same method, with all of the cutting being done first, and then the ironing. The steps were easy:
1) Cut the fabric into 2.5 ft x 13.5 inches wide.
2) On two sides, iron a ½ inch fold where the hem tape will go.
3) Place hem tape under fold and re-iron.
4) For the ends, we wanted them to be in the shapes of “V”, a little nod towards my new last name :), so we just hemed them as stated above, but in V shapes.

Here is the end result. I think they are beautiful! The think lines and crisp colors are just perfect for our color-coordinated affair. Can’t wait to see them on the tables! Of course for a more behind-the-scene look at the process, check out Secrets of the Groom: Volume 1

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