101 in 1001: New Restaurant Part 2

This weekend I worked on #75 of my 101 in 1001 list. We chose two restaurants to eat at, solely based on their Scout Mob status. Scout Mob is one of my favorite Android apps because of its ability to get you 50% of your meal! Who doesn’t love a good deal? The other great part is exploring Atlanta by trying out new restaurants that I would not have ventured to in the past. Friday night we went on a double date to Baroni Italian Grill. The food was outstanding, but the service, not so much. The pizzas were fired in a wood oven and had amazing ingredients. I say the service was awful because it took 2 hours for us to get our food. Who knew this was common practice in Buckhead on a Friday night??? Anyways, the food was great, but I doubt we will be back again since it took so long. The one bonus of visiting this resturant was that it would have normally been out of our typical date night budget, but the discount and slow service scored us over 50% off of our meal. We ended up with three pizzas and calamari for about $20.00. Pretty good deal.

(via ScoutMob)

(My sweet twin sister chowing down on a slice of the pizza. Photo via iPhone).

The second location we went to was Tom’s Folly. This wonderful restaurant/bar is located next to Chick-fil-A on Howell Mill. Those of you who know me would ask “Why in the world did you pass up an opportunity to eat at Chick-fil-A?”. I will tell you why….It was Sunday. So we stopped in and had the tater tots, pulled pork sandwich, twice fried french fries, crab cake, and roast beef sandwich. The fries and sandwich were outstanding. The pulled pork was so good I didn’t even need to use any sauce. Outstanding!

(via ScoutMob)

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