Facebook Banner Photos

Facebook has rolled out new updates. This particular upgrade was for the banner photos at the top of the profile pages. Now, these  pictures have been at the top of profile pages for weeks, but yesterday they rolled it out to Fan Pages. I finally had a chance to play around with the new pictures. I added the Atlanta Skyline to the top of the Georgia Tech Conference Services Fan Page.

For those of you concerned with how this effects your own page, the answer is easy. The pictures are automatically generated to the top of your page by the pictures that were the most recently tagged. You can easily get rid of pictures from the banner by clicking the “x” in the corner to hide the picture. This simply hides the picture from your page, but does not delete the tag completely. For more advanced pictures, here is a simple tutorial for creating a banner like the above, where the pictures are in a sequence:

1. Choose an image that you would like to use as your banner and open it in your favorite photo editing software.

2. Resize the image to 490 x 68 pixels.

3. Crop the image into 5 sections, 98 x 68 pixels.

4. Upload the five cropped photos into a a Facebook album and tag=yourself in reverse order. Basicaly Part 5 of 5 is tagged first, and part 1 of 5 is tagged last.

5. You should now have a customized Facebook Photo Banner!


Here is a link to some other creative Picture Banners.

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2 Responses to Facebook Banner Photos

  1. Amy Z says:

    Mandy, I think we should have/make a banner for Ritual Celebration Week that has the Symphony of Alpha Chi Omega – you never see it displayed long-wise like that and I think it would look cool… especially in colors to match the new Ritual Week logo. I need PhotoShop back on my computer!!

  2. That is a good idea! What week is Ritual Week?

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