It’s tuxedo tiiiiiime!

Yesterday was the day of wedding planning that I have been waiting for: the tuxedo fitting! I went to Savvi Formalwear a couple of weeks ago and got myself measured so most of the groomsmen and I went yesterday for my “Groom’s Preview”. They sent all of the items for me to try on and make sure that everything looked awesome. I won’t give up the secret, but I will show some possibilities for what the groomsmen, the ushers, the ring bearer, and myself might be wearing on the big day!

First everyone got measured and tried on some sample items to test the fit.

David getting fitted

The guy pictured above was NUTS. He immediately gave everyone nicknames (David Copperfield and “Jonas” for Oliver) and took my Dad first because of his GT hat. After an hour in Savvi, we all know basically his entire life story.

Oliver getting chatted up by Demarco

Andrew trying on a sample vest

David in the sample tuxedo

Oliver tried to match the model in the window

Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of Heath or Dad because they got whisked away to the back to try stuff on. It was really cool to finally get most of the groomsmen together and I definitely know now that the wedding day is going to be tons of fun. So, without further adieu – which style will it be?

Style 1 - Yellow vest, yellow tie

Style 2 - Yellow vest, yellow bowtie

Style 3 - Navy vest, navy tie

Style 4 - Yellow vest, navy tie

Style 5 - Navy vest, yellow tie

So what do you think? Vote in the poll and let us know which one you think I should wear!

About Conner Volpe

I'm an aerospace engineer and I love to do woodworking projects in my free time. We love living in Suwanee, Georgia and serving the Lord in our community. I really enjoy swimming, running, cycling, and anything active. Look for my posts about our house, the Fox Den, for more info on projects we have completed!
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1 Response to It’s tuxedo tiiiiiime!

  1. Elaine says:

    Before I got all the way down, I was thinking Do we get to vote? BAHAHAHA
    I love all the updates!

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