Visions of Sugar Plums and Wedding Cakes

Lately I have been dreaming of sweets. Maybe it is because of the holiday season where visions of sugar plums dance in my head. Whatever the reason, I figured I would allow these visions to feel your eyes through cake images. We are using these images to design a one-of-a-kind cake. Thanks to my wonderful mom, our cake will encompass all of our favorite elements and more from the pictures.

We love this one because of the blue and yellow combo. Love the rich blue fondant and the yellow ribbon.

Love the flowers in this one. Did I mention my mom can make gum paste flowers that look real?! Also love the silver cake stand. The cake will certainly incorporate those elements.

Not sure if this one will be incorporated in the end design, however I like the ribbon and navy blue design.

Just a few “sweet” ideas. (Sorry for the lack of links for the images. These cakes have been in my ‘event folder’ before I was ever engaged.)

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