The Perfect Dress

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s about time we discuss wedding dresses. There are quite a few things that get me really fired up with excitement for the wedding day. None of those things include the wedding dress, however it is on this month’s road map, so I had no choice.

If you have had any wedding related conversation with me over the last few months you know how un-enthused I am about the whole process of getting a wedding dress. Maybe it is because I have seen way too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and My Fair Wedding and therefore have unrealistic expectations of a dress within my budget. Also, I can’t bring myself to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a dress I will wear just once. I could go on and on about why I had/have a fear of finding “the dress”, however I will just stop by saying I finally made it into the dress store…

Before I set foot in to the store, much like every other step of this planning process,  I had researched exactly what I liked and wanted in a dress. I even googled some if the dresses I found and they were all within my budget! I loved the gathered material in the torso and a peak-a-boo skirt. One problem -not a single store near me sold the dress or the dresses I liked had to be special ordered but wouldn’t arrive until March.  This option was obviously not going to work!

After making two appointments,  one of which I completely chickened out of, I went to the store and found a dress that I could love with a few tweaks! I may have found “the dress” with only one trip to the store 🙂 . All I need now is my daddy’s stamp of approval. I am shocked to hear myself say this, but our appointment on Saturday can’t come soon enough.

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