Tailgate Themed Engagement Party

This weekend was a blast! We celebrated our engagement with our closest friends and family. My family created a tailgate themed Engagement Party that was incredible. Everything from the food to the décor was amazing.

There was a lot of love in the room! Check out a few of the pictures below of the tailgate themed food.

First up is the sweets table. The table included football themed cookies, a variety of cupcakes (that my sister infused with fudge and peanut butter), gum balls, and chocolate footballs. Love the cake at the top of the cupcake tower! How creative is my mom? The Mandy and Conner Buzz look-a-likes were all edible and made of fondant!

Next is the football shaped cheese ball. This isn’t just any cheese ball but the Paula Deen Style concoction that we have become very fond of! It has bacon, nuts, blue cheese, cream cheese, poppy seeds…all things that are good! I love the bacon lattice to make the appetizer look like a football.

On the coffee table sat oreo truffle footballs and a Georgia Tech story book that was used as the guest book.

The main table was covered in astro turf and had all the meats and chips. I should have waited to take the picture because one of the best parts was that there was BBQ, hamburgers, and hot dogs for dinner. The BBQ was special as it was brought from the best BBQ place in Oakwood, Smokehouse BBQ. The BBQ place is so good that they only have to be open 3 days and still remain in business! I have seen a little old lady on oxygen sit in the Smokehouse patio waiting 30 minutes for ribs even though her oxygen tank only lasted 20 minutes. When it is that good, you have to be dedicated!

Thank you to my wonderful family who put this engagement party on, Conner’s parents who opened their house to us, and to all of our family and friends who joined us for the festivities! We love you all. XOXO

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