Get Your Passport Ready

This past weekend I got my passport in the mail. It only took three weeks to get here, which is pretty good considering they told me it would be six weeks. I knew (or at least expected) the passport process to take a long time so I planned to get this road map item marked off early in the game. I learned a few things during the process (like bring multiple checks for payment because it is cheaper and make an appointment) that could help any person wanting to obtain a passport. Either way, I am extremely impressed by how quickly the turnaround was, and how helpful my local passport-making staff was with their customer service! So now what is this passport for? Mainly for the honeymoon, of course. Now that I have the passport in hand, it is time to travel through honeymoon planning land and look at a few options.

We are looking at a place that is all inclusive per suggestion of many of our married friends/family. How luxurious is it to go to a place where you can hop from restaurant to restaurant, sampling the islands finest, while not worrying about which purse to use for the day. Here are a few of the contenders for where we would like to go, of course 10 months out, we do not have a specific one singled out. For now, let’s journey and day dream of sunshine, white beaches, and tasty red drinks.

First up for possibilities of our tropical adventure is St. Lucia. Can you guess how I fell in love with this place? Yup, the Bachelorette (I am a sucker for reality TV!). St. Lucia looks magical with the bright blue waters and luxurious accommodations. Some of the rooms even have spots where you can swim straight up to your room!

Our second possibility that we have narrowed it down to is Negril, Jamaica. The 7 mile beach sounds like something straight out of the movies.

Can we escape right now?

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  1. Stacey Dickson says:

    okay – having been to Jamaica – I can vouch for 7 Mile beach. However, though the country is beautiful – it is also very impoverished and often dangerous for tourists. In fact resorts like the one you showed have 12 foot concrete walls with constantina wire at the top to prevent locals from getting in. If all you plan to do is stay within the confines of the resort and soak up the sun, drink fruity cocktails etc…then I say choose Jamaica – if you want to get out do some local shopping, see the sites and interact with locals – then you gotta choose St. Lucia. You won’t be disappointed in any Caribbean beach.

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